Sorry, Not Sorry.

I don’t like to hear I’m sorry from any one when apologizing for something they had done terribly wrong. It is a very light phrase and should only be used in instances when you bump into someone on accident or you are apologizing for eating the last cookie in the jar without knowing it was reserved already. I’m sorry has now just been said way too much that I’m not even sure how sorry one is when they use the phrase. It’s kinda like saying I love you. Just an over used phrase that has a thousand and one meanings and you can’t figure out which one the person is using.
I’m sorry usually leads to the response it’s okay from the receiving participant. I also hate that response. It is basically telling the apologizer that whatever mistake they had done will be accepted in the future as long as they say sorry (think about that for a moment) but its not. I had given a situation another look and allowed a person a second chance because being kind is not about giving people what they deserve (a first chance) but the opportunity for a second chance if they mess up. And this person said to me I’m sorry. I thought in my head well why did it happen then? If you knew you would be sorry or have to apologize, why would you let it get to that point? I mean I have a thick head and hate admitting I’m wrong but that does not mean I can’t recognize when I am. Who wants to have to apologize to someone? It just does not make sense. So when this person said sorry I said don’t say that to me, just do. Make it up to me by not letting the same thing happen again and preform the task to the best of your ability. This person then says I promise (another phrase that means almost nothing to me) and I said that’s fine do what you have to, to get through the night and that was the end.
Turns out that this person could not keep their promise to themselves and was not actually sorry because it happened again. I thought to myself. The thing that this person was apologizing for was really not something they were sorry for and on top of that, he broke a promise he made to not me, but their self. By making that promise, this person promised their self that whatever happened before will not happen again. Needless to say, it’s a rule of thumb that if you can’t keep a promise to yourself, don’t try promising things to others.

What I prefer when someone makes a mistake is a formal acknowledgement of the situation. Now again, little petty mistakes deserve a simple response but I’m talking about the mistakes that you know are bad. The ones we all tend to make from time to time. They require a recap of whatever the situation was and not a promise but a mission. A mission to not let it happen again. For example: if someone broke the window to your car, a true apology would go like this. I understand that what I did was not acceptable and I will do whatever in my power to not let it happen again. This sentence not only allows the receiver to know that you know what you did was wrong but reassures the person that its not something you want to happen again. And all the receiver has to say is thanks. It confirms the apology and all parties can move on from the situation. That’s it! No one is arguing and all feelings set aside, it covers the bases. Now there maybe need for further forms of apology such as cake (I mean who doesn’t love cake?) or chocolates (if you pissed of a girl I suggest flowers as well) but majority of the time this says it all. If this has happened to you, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

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This Months Theme!

This months theme is really interesting to me and I think it will be challenging to try and work out my own issues before tending to others. (I like to suppress my own issues for as long as I can because I’m such an awesome procrastinator.) Well, Happy August!
Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other-Abraham Lincoln

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Not the Right Night

I like to think I’m very punctual. I myself detest when I am late to any function or meeting because I pride myself on appearance and first impressions. It’s just something that my parents have taught me to be aware of. So when people are either late or choose not to answer their phones (without a good excuse) and make it to any event not apologetic I get furious and upset.
It’s us just distasteful telling someone to be somewhere at a certain time and just not show up. It is even worse when the person you are suppose to see is your date.
We all know these kinds of nights: it’s 7:00pm and you just started to get ready. Your date tells you he will he at your house by 9pm. You think you have two hours and that’s plenty of time to get ready. You head up to take a very short shower because you know they can last an hour in its self. You get out, dry yourself off and perhaps dance to some tunes playing on the radio. By now, it’s 7:30. Still got an hour and a half. You know you don’t want to over eat at dinner to the point you’re bloated for some after dinner activities. So you sit down and grab a light snack and watch some tv or surf the web. Clock starts rounding to 8:10pm. You begin to get very nervous and feel like you are gonna throw up or expel other things…. So you take the obvious rout. Sit on the toilet for 20 min to calm your nerves. It is now 8:30pm and you begin to panic. You already know what you are gonna wear because you had been trying out outfits all week (don’t want to leave anything to chance/ last minute here). You run up the stairs and start applying your makeup. By now you’re a pro so this takes only 10 minutes. You put on your outfit of choice and start to feel fantastic. Something about the way your hair falls perfectly onto the dress you’re wearing really does make you feel like you hit the fashion jackpot. You glance down at your watch one more time and it says 8:50pm. You made it. It’s 10 to 9 and you are ready to go. Your bag is prepared with all things necessary and you look at your self one more time and think dam, he’s really found a hot one. You reach for your phone to see that he texted you. You know he’s not early because through your window, you can see to the front of the house So naturally you wonder what he said. You open the message and it reads, sorry, can we push things back a little? You think well you’re ready, not like you’re going anywhere, message him back and say no worries. You walk to your liquor cabinet and pull out some of your favourite wine, sit down, have a glass and start playing on your phone waiting for his arrival. 10 minutes pass by and you check but no message. So you sip some more wine and relax. 15 more minutes go by and you start to wonder. So you message him and ask when he will get here but no answer. It is now 10:05pm and you are feeling a bit tired, overdressed and a little drunk. You look back at your phone to see him saying how sorry he is but SOMETHING came up and he can’t make it that night. You breath a sigh of sadness thinking you could have gone out with the girls or been sleeping by now or in your pyjamas watching a lovely movie but instead, you put the wine bottle away and wash the glass cup. You take off your make up and your dress. You slip on a pair of your comfiest pants and your biggest t-shit and fall asleep on your bed feeling betrayed and annoyed. It was just not the night you were expecting. If this has happened to you, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

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I Remember When

I remember when Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant and the famous Zoey 101 got rushed to finish and the media was raving on about how she was following in her sisters footsteps. I remember this so fondly because I kept telling myself how that would never happen to me. I kept wondering who in their right mind would have sex before they were married and why would anyone want a baby when they have no job or money? Things like that always baffled my mind. I just did not get it.
I remember when the time when those teens, you know, the ones who wanted to get pregnant all at the same time so their children could grow up together, came up on the news and I thought, those idiots! Has the world gone mad or was I just missing out on something? I mean, I know I want a career and to travel and see the world all before I end up with some guy that will knock me up and end up being a douche (God, please let him not be a douche) but the youth of today just is not getting this.
Finally, I remember when sixteen and pregnant first came out and we all were like: ay, let’s have a baby and then we can make it on to the show! Secretly I always thought Bentley was the cutest child… Not anyone’s brightest moment to give a teen mom her own show but it happened and I thought wow and laughed a little.
I think it took a bit more growing up for me to realize something (I mean this all happened between the ages of 12 to 16) I think I realized that people have just lost the meaning of what it is to be with someone in a sexual way. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am not judging anyone out there or reprehending anyone’s actions because God knows I’ve done a few questionable activities but my point is when did it become sociably okay to want a child before one can support themselves? I mean, you should have dreams and want the best for yourself before you try and want the best for someone else. I guess this all came about when I saw a friend on facebook, who had a child with another on the way but she was my age (18) I mean did she not learn? Sex is something very fun yes but it should not by all means be taken lightly. Precautions and everything should be on your mind at ALL times!
Sometimes all you can do is shake your head and do you. This world of teen moms and crazy fetishes is sometimes not for me. I soon will be turning 19 and I know I will not be a statistic. If this has happened to you, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

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I am a Hopeless Romantic

   I am such a hopeless romantic stuck in fairy tales and my dreams are so big that I forget sometimes that not everything can be reality and it hurts so much sometimes. I believe in a world that everyone has their one true love and that somewhere out there someone is thinking you. I believe that everyone should have that magical moment when they meet that special someone that makes their lives feel worth living. I believe that everyone can marry that special someone and live the life that they feel is best for them. I love happy endings and I love love stories because I find that, that is some of the best parts of living only its hurting me slowly, this way of belief.
    When I fall for someone, I fall fast and hard. I am consumed with thoughts and emotions that become overwhelming and intense. I have never been in love but I know what it feels like to have deep lust for someone and its a lot of fun when they feel the same way. It becomes almost boring the times you are away from that person and that person makes you want to always talk them just to know what they are dong. I know, sounds kinda weird/stalkerish, but it really is just, for lack of better words, a great feeling. To know that someone wants you just as bad as you want them, is a great feeling (again not talking in terms of love because that is just a whole other feeling to me) and I like that about myself. I like thinking beyond the norm and asking myself what if I just acted instead of over think?….
    I realize I’m rambling but going back to the main point, this way of thinking I feel is bringing me down from meeting that special someone because not everyone is like this I realize but I now close myself off from anyone who is not just so I can meet that guy and the problem is that I miss out on the really exciting relationships that also come my way making me feel like no one likes me and in the end, making me just really sad. What sucks is that I know I’m a pretty cool person and am not the typical girl but unfortunately Im the type of person to fall too fast, care too much, forgive way to easy, wait too long, miss moments from people who have only given me bad ones, worry about everything for no reason, over-think, and am just too dam complicated. I don’t know, I think I’m just having a moment .If you have ever had one of these moments, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

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One! Two!! Three?

   Three is a crowd when it comes to people.Threes not enough room on the side walk for that one person to walk comfortably, all packages of Twinkies comes in two and going to Wonderland will make that last person sit alone or with the random stranger that screams like a hyena. Regardless, two is better than one but three is a crowd. This is especially evident with couples. Majority of my friends are taken and I’m one of the unlucky single one’s in my group so sometimes, when I ask my friends to hangout, they respond with” let me see what the bae is doing” (BAE-before anyone else…just found that out recently) Why? When did you become us? My point is not that I cannot share my friends but the problem I have is when I go out with the “We”, I am almost left to just “Me” and that’s the problem.
Lets point out the differences:

With Two Best Friends
-They make plans for future events without you
-They talk about future plans that you were not invited to
-The have tons of inside jokes that you just had to be there to understand
-Conversations will just be you excluded
-You are suddenly looking at the back of your friends head when talking
-You are sitting beside no one in the restaurant booth
-You always are asking “what?”
    -what just happened?
    -what is so funny?
    -what are you talking about?

With a Couple
-PDA(is not A-Okay)all the time!
-You turn away for a second and turn back, more PDA
-The awkward pet names you must hear
-The awkward sounds coming from beside you
-The visuals…(need not explain)
-The fact that you had no one else to spend your Friday night with
-The reminder that you are alone and relationship less

   Being single is awesome so don’t get me wrong. Being able to go to the club, dance with whomever you like and perhaps end the night with the really hot guy that you had been eying across the bar ever since you got in, is some of the best feelings in the world. Especially when you look over at your taken friends and they just envy you, it makes up for all the PDA they put you through. But, whether you are with two of your closest friends or with a friend and their potato, being the odd one out sucks. You are constantly by yourself, sometimes your thoughts go unheard and you question why you decided to leave the comfort of your home. Just remember though, your couch is always your friend and significant other!
    If this has happened to you, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

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What Will the Future Bring…

It’s the end of my first week since I started and I must say I am pretty happy about how things have been going. I’m posting way more than I thought and I have all these ideas about future postings. Talking on here is kind of an outlet that I’m glad you all like. I don’t know, it kind of gives me a place to just say whatever is on my mind without any judgments. Big plus to the fact that I’m not feeling like I am bothering all my friends with these random stories ahaha but when I got my first follower I was ecstatic and then more and more of you guys just kept liking and following and I thought, woah, they like me, they really like me!
Regardless, I do not plan on changing the fact that my goal is to post something at least once a week but I find that I am posting about every day at the moment 🙂 Here’s hoping you all don’t mind. It is truly fun and I would truly enjoy comments and feedback on how I am doing. On the thought of keeping this update short, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

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The Differences Between Cute, Pretty, Sexy & Beautiful

Absolutely love this post and everyone should read it!

Thought Catalog


Dictionary definition:

Cute: Attractive in a pretty or endearing way.

Sexually attractive or exciting.

Attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful or handsome.

Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

Urban dictionary definition:

Cute: A girl who is lovely and dreamy and cuddly and shy and beautiful and awwww *drools*

Sexy: Supposed to mean sexually attractive, however recently it has become a word of ambiguous meaning that morons use when unable to think of a better adjective for something they like.

Pretty: 1.)A girl who has physical appeals that attracts a guy.
2.)A girl can also be pretty inside in her feelings in her beliefs.

Beautiful is a woman who has a distinctive personality, one who can laugh at anything, including themselves, who is especially kind and caring to others. She is a woman who above all else knows the value of having fun…

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Looking For the One

Jobs are so hard to come by these days. Why is it that you can find a job when not looking but when you truly need one, none are there?!?! It’s like Looking for that special someone. When you stop looking, all these options come out of the wood work. But regardless, trying to find a job here is really hard and as the summer months continue, I am stressing to make money before going back to school. You don’t notice how much money you spend until it’s all gone and you are left asking you’re self: what in the world did I spend almost a thousand dollars on?!?!
Then you realize, FOOD! Legit, I think 80% of my paycheck when I was working went to food. But how can it not?!?! I’m always hungry!! Immediately when I step out of my house, I think of places where I can eat out. People spend most of their times going out….to eat….at expensive restaurants….WHY? Like my house has food, let’s eat there? Why is it that when people want to hang out with me, we always decide to go out to eat when were so poor?…. The logic of some people.
Sadly, I am guilty of this thought process. So I challenge you. Instead of deciding to go out to some fancy place where the workers are paid by your money through tips and you just left to stuff your face with high fat food, calories and large serving sizes, have a potluck instead. Invite your friends over and just plan a day out in your backyard and just save your money. Maybe by the end of the summer, you will have a job and some savings.
Anyways, the job hunt continues for me. Maybe I will learn too that spending money of food is just not the most affordable thing for me at the moment. If this has happened to you, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

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The Choices I Make

I like to think I think independently. I do what I want, when I want, how I want it…..So I think. As an 18 year old, you would think this is a philosophy that everyone in the world follows. You grew up in your parents care and learned to mature and finally when the big one meets the eight, you feel as if you are out into the world, being able to do you! Only, you still live in your parents house, eating the food that your ma prepares every day and sleeping on the same bed you had been sleeping on since you were ten and it hits you: till you move out, you cannot live the life you choose to live but what keeps you sane it the things you get to do to yourself….no not the thing you do at night when no one’s home and you are bored and all alone…. I mean having creative control over your body!
As an African child, from parents who have very strict minds, I don’t even have this. The strictness of my parents (in terms of what goes on my body because in some realities, they are pretty slack) is un bearable at times. My mom is one of those moms that watches all the Dateline Real Life Mysteries and 48 Hours: Hard Evidence and believes that were going to die if we just step outside… I mean come on ma! Now don’t get me wrong, I worry about my safety too but I think I’ve matured enough to know what safe and what’s not…. I mean I pick my own friends… I think I’ve made it in the world already. Regardless, I have wanted a belly piercing for quite some time and I every so often mentioned it to my mom (if I tell my dad, he would kill me just for the thought) but she has disregarded my claims.
So one day, a good friend of mine and ventured out and I got it done. Two months later, I am loving it and they still don’t know. I thought it was my choice to express myself this way and if I was still afraid of my parents, I would never have the courage to get er done. On that note, as cliché as it sounds, it has opened me up to a world in which I absolutely love. I’m turning 19 soon so I’m now thinking of getting a small tattoo on my hip. Now I’m not making any rash decisions here but I have a very high understanding of why people love and adore body art and jewelry that I used to never have before.
I feel as if my adventurous side has defiantly come out and this summer has only been a sample of the things to come. I mean I did start this blog site! If you have been feeling a little adventures, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

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