WE Are Never, Ever, Ever, Being Friends Again!

Woah! Has it been one full year since I made this into a real blog?!?! Well I come back with a some juicy stories to share :). But, ah, ah, ahhh. Not all at one post will I be sharing these fantastic stories! I will reveal it to you one at a time, take things slow, like peeling an orange. You know, ease you into things.

As you can tell by the title, this story has some back story to it, and what better way to tell you then to jump right into it.

It all started when I met this girl…we will call her Felisha. She, and another girl, all were friends in first year. We had some really good times. Parties, clubs, birthdays, you name it, we were drunk. We talked, we skyped she went away, came back. Overall, I had a ton of fun with this girl. But see the problem is that I always thought she was better than me. She got most of the guys, (im hot but shes got big boobs-no match with that) and she was closer friends with that other person. But I was always kind to her. Mind you, I dont have a lot of friends in the first place (im bothered by people pretty quickly) so it is not that I was crazy but I just really valued her friendship. But thats the thing, I dont think that she was really my friend. And ladies and gents, this is where our problem begins………….

It was Felisha’s birthday and i was not legal at the time. She was supposed to come over and hang out with me at my house and head over to the other friends house to have a big going out thing with the legals. I was 100% cool but still bummed I could not attend. So its her b-day and I get up early (cleaned the night before) and the time she was supposed to be at my house came…and past. I was so confused. Tried calling her, texting, facebook msging…but to no avail. By 7pm, I pretty much knew she was not coming over anymore (she was gonna stay over but she was supposed to be there at 11am). So, I was sad. felt pissed and betrayed as well. But im sure she had an explanation. No worries. But see, the thing was that even the next day, I could not get a hold of her. But low and behold, I saw the latest snaps from snap chat and I knew, I was ditched. We did not talk for the rest of the summer. (Happened in mid august) It was not till mid September that she would apologize. Her excuse you ask? She was not familiar with my neighborhood and was too embarrassed to ask and was too confused. Then she was to embarrassed to apologize to me sooner. Okay, no worries, I understand. The GTA is so confusing coming from a different big city. Its okay. I forgive 🙂 We had a blast for my b-day and all was well. But see now, we had not really talked till I said I was gonna go up to see her…
It was mid February, reading week. My collage was heading up to her city. And I was excited to party it up with her. It was awesome to be seeing her again. Like the good old times! I stayed at a hotel so I said she could stay with me instead of going home from the club. We were gonna have a blast. And we did! The first night was ah-maze-ballz. We got drunk, hit the casino, the club, we got guys to buy u drinks, we especially looked hot. It was perf end to the start of the trip. Next day hits. We go out, shopping food and pre. Kinda like gym, tan laundry but for lazy people. I thought we were gonna have the best time (it was my last night there) like the first. The she utters the words: my friend is so gonna get us into a place if you wanna go. Im like hells ya! But in my head, i knew nothing good could come from this. Night falls, and were on our way via her friends car. Mind you, my bf has no clue where she was getting me into but because he was not with me, he just said have fun. We get to some girls house. She was a total ass. But I was polite. Felisha was ignoring me the whole time we were there. I have nothing in common with the people that were there and im bored out of my mind. We spent 2 hrs there till the girls mom took us to a dive bar (pretty much). It was soooo boring. I just wanted to go back to the hotel. But she did not so i stayed. (taxi back was 20$) I stayed….and i stayed and then it got packed. Im 90% she tried to ditch me at one point. (they were all drunk). So ill tell you something bout my self, this year, i started to get mild panic attacks that she knew about. So when i said to her, I want to go, im not feeling good, and she said, well you can taxi back your self, I wanted to die. I spent about 4 hrs at this bar before I said fuck it and just left. It was so hard to go back and feel okay (I got worse as the night went on). Falling asleep was very hard that night. And all i kept thinking was why did I not just stay at the hotel with the froshies I came with! When I did wake up, she had come back to the hotel in the morning to grab her things (she ended up staying at a friends that night) and she told me that she was sorry and an ass. I was too pissed. Even threw away her disgusting thong she left behind as a ha! to her (i know, it did nothing to her). I was just so over the last night that I did not care about who did what with whom. The trip was a failure. And we did not talk till mid summer for the girl that i mentioned before b-day. This summer was the first time is saw her in months. It was crazy. At this point, she apologized to me again and we had a long talk about how she just needed to be my friend. Thats all I wanted. I truly just wanted her to be as nice to me as I was to her. But I guess thats just too much for a girl to ask. But she did say sorry and we were okay again. Actually had fun at this girls party. It was nice. And we were friends again. Talked on the phone all night, she came down to see me and my bf and partied with us. It was hella good times. We were great again and thats all I ever wanted right? Till I decided to plan a trip…
This summer, I wanted to get away. So I invited a few people and planned a trip. It was great. Felisha was invited. The trip although did not go as planned. No not what your thinking. On the night before the day we were gonna leave, she went out…excessively drank and did not wake up till we were all about to go. Now anyone with a hangover knows to just push through. You gotta do what you gotta do. Now this trip cost money to plan so when it was 1hr before we were going, she text me saying she was not coming. No you all may be like why do you care? it was her money? she was sick!. But see, she promised she would come. She said she would be there and she was not. She also knew that i put time into planning the trip and I was so excited that we were going away so it was very important to me. She also knew that I would be the only girl there with 3 other guys…talk about boring. She really let me down. And on top of all that, she never answered my texts that night either. SO at this point, I was so fed up, I did not even have fun on my trip. It sucked. And I wondered why I was still friends with her. She made it really hard to still be friends with her. Like really hard to the point where I did not want to be her friend anymore. I get back from the trip and, you remember that girl I mentioned before? The girl we were all friends from first year with? Yeah, shes important. The only person I told that i did not wanna be Felishas friend any more to was my bf. And he would obv never tell her that . But I had a lapse in judgement and forgot that if i tell that girl anything, she tells the world………….so the night i told her, at a really late time, Felisha msgs me saying fuck off. Well, i knew at that moment, our friendship was over. Sre was drunk msging me apparently but never had she ever said that to me and im so done with the tedious back and forth

Some would say why dont you giver her another chance, she was youre good friend, you shared so much. WHat I would say to them is this: She will never change. Thats the thing. I can try and be her friend but at one point, who is the one who will end up being hurt in the end. And if you have read my other posts before, you would know that I give people way too many chances. So I over it. Unless she truly comes to realize that she never really was my friend, I could not be hers any more. As for blabber mouth, I could never say anything that wont reach whomever so its best to get rid of the toxicity then to keep it roaming.

Anyways, the job hunt continues for me. Maybe I will learn which friends are keepers and which gotta go sooner. If this has happened to you, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!
Keeping Things Peppermint
ps: thanks for reading. I really pored my heart out on this post! and sorry if theres any spelling mistakes. I was too lazy to fix… 😀


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