Travel and Hubbub Bubas

Sitting on the subway I can’t help but notice the diversity. Old, young, middle eastern, Caucasian, it’s all here. I feel so privileged to come from such a mulch-cultural city. Toronto is so diverse and rich in life that its actually really nice to feel like you are a part of it. I love it so much.
I’ve always wanted to move to a city in which you can walk down the street and see performers or be able to stop at festivals randomly happening on your way to work because it would seam like so much fun! My love for cities like this I think came from my love of adventure. Just figuring out what to do next is something that I have never had a problem with. Being able to get a sub at 3 am down in New York, go out the the new art gallery opening up in San Fransisco or visiting Orlando Florida’s amusement park is just some of the  exciting things that cities have to offer
My dream is to live in all my favorite cities at least for a few months. I want to be able to work eat all i can in Venice, view all the awesome-ness Tokyo has to offer and travel to the Bermuda and see if i will too vanish into thin air. Not many people get to have these chances. Most cannot afford the luxury of getting up and jetting off to Milan for a year or two. For those who do, they may want to do a bunch of traveling when they are younger and settle down with their family only to live in the same house for the rest of their lives by the age of 30. To me, thats just boring. Theres a ton of awesome experiences waiting for me. I dont want to be stagnant with my travels. I want to see the world. I want to be able to know what its like to be so emerged in culture that it fuels my drive to learn multiple languages. To me, thats awesome.
This passion of mine is not something I want to keep to my self. How awesome would it be if you can share your ideas and love with someone who feels the same way as you. To experience all things awesome then ask the person beside you if they just saw what just happened. It is something that i dont think is far in my life. whats truly awesome is the fact that if you focus your life on achieving these things, you dont have to worry about how you will finance it, it will all come to you.
I dont know. Im excited for the future. I guess i went on a little rant but I know that theres no where but up from here on and I believe that if you think about  lot of things like this, you too will see it like so. If you believe all the same things, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

Keeping Things Peppermint


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