11 Things People Who Have A Lot Of One-Night Stands Know (That No One Else Does)

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Thought Catalog

I lost my virginity in a one-night stand and since then, it’s become a way of life. I stopped counting how many I’ve had around the point where Roman numerals would have become confusing.For some, a one-night stand is a shameful blip in an otherwise squeaky clean dating history marked with monogamy and the missionary position. For others, it’s as natural and guilt free as vegan ice cream. Either way, something happens when you start to whittle your bedpost to a toothpick.

1. You realize sex is just sex.

Men, unless they are on Propecia, are perpetually horny in the same way that Taylor Swift is perpetually dumbstruck at award shows. If given the option, they would rather have a helping hand than use their own, leading them out of their caves to seek a casual lay. Sometimes sex is just two strangers coming together for a mutually enjoyable experience…

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