Happy New School Year!!!

It’s a new school year and classes have started! This past week I was doing frosh and helping out the first years transition to university for York U. Might I say, frosh is an awesome experience that I think everyone should have the chance to go to. If you are in grade 12 and this is your last year, I encourage frosh! If you missed out on frosh, no worries, there are tons of ways to meet new people at York and if you did frosh, Im glad for you. During my frosh, I met a few of my best friends now and I thank the lord that I have them in my life. They not only are there for me but they make me laugh… A lot… But enough about that, lets talk about school. Im going into my second year (WOOT) and I am so excited because this year, things will be different. I want to focus on my academics way more than before. I was a huge procrastinator (and sorry it took so long for me to make a new post ) but being one, I learned. I learned that shit piles up, FAST! Its something that we all should know right? But fact is that even though I know this, I still have this issue. So I want a change. This year I want to focus on work (when I get a job) and school. It’s a goal of mine to not get any c’s this year. I need to do better if I ever want to be a nurse! Regardless, I know what I have to do and Im very happy that I have changed my thinking.
I wanna know how your year is different from last so, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

Keeping Things Peppermint


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