One! Two!! Three?

   Three is a crowd when it comes to people.Threes not enough room on the side walk for that one person to walk comfortably, all packages of Twinkies comes in two and going to Wonderland will make that last person sit alone or with the random stranger that screams like a hyena. Regardless, two is better than one but three is a crowd. This is especially evident with couples. Majority of my friends are taken and I’m one of the unlucky single one’s in my group so sometimes, when I ask my friends to hangout, they respond with” let me see what the bae is doing” (BAE-before anyone else…just found that out recently) Why? When did you become us? My point is not that I cannot share my friends but the problem I have is when I go out with the “We”, I am almost left to just “Me” and that’s the problem.
Lets point out the differences:

With Two Best Friends
-They make plans for future events without you
-They talk about future plans that you were not invited to
-The have tons of inside jokes that you just had to be there to understand
-Conversations will just be you excluded
-You are suddenly looking at the back of your friends head when talking
-You are sitting beside no one in the restaurant booth
-You always are asking “what?”
    -what just happened?
    -what is so funny?
    -what are you talking about?

With a Couple
-PDA(is not A-Okay)all the time!
-You turn away for a second and turn back, more PDA
-The awkward pet names you must hear
-The awkward sounds coming from beside you
-The visuals…(need not explain)
-The fact that you had no one else to spend your Friday night with
-The reminder that you are alone and relationship less

   Being single is awesome so don’t get me wrong. Being able to go to the club, dance with whomever you like and perhaps end the night with the really hot guy that you had been eying across the bar ever since you got in, is some of the best feelings in the world. Especially when you look over at your taken friends and they just envy you, it makes up for all the PDA they put you through. But, whether you are with two of your closest friends or with a friend and their potato, being the odd one out sucks. You are constantly by yourself, sometimes your thoughts go unheard and you question why you decided to leave the comfort of your home. Just remember though, your couch is always your friend and significant other!
    If this has happened to you, be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

Keeping Things Peppermint


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