The Premiere Issue.

Ladies and Gents, Welcome to the blog site that is: Me!
Well it’s not “me” but I plan on pouring my thoughts and feelings and whatever else comes to mind out onto this page because, well why not! I want to be a blogger who not only entertains you but tells you stories of an everyday girl just enjoying life. Yes there will probably be some talk of school, sex, alcohol, relationships, sibling rivalry and friendships but I want others to know that they are not the only person out there experiencing the same thing. I love to write without thinking sometimes so I tend to make spelling errors but what’s life without a few errors! My idea is to post once a week, writing down what comes to mind throughout the week but if I happen to miss a week, I will be sure to compensate. At the start of each months blog I will find a nice quote/theme that can inspire us all to do for the month. As this is my first post, I think I should explain why everything is so… Peppermint!

It started off as a name for another site but I grew to love the idea of spicing up my life! I love adventures and exploration and thought, it is such a fresh name that I could not resist using it for mostly everything. I love to be just plain, well, weird sometimes and in the world I find that if you’re not being weird, you’re not being you… What is normal anyways?!?!?! Now don’t get me wrong, I like normal. I like to think I am a very sophisticated girl with a very knowledgeable background on a little about everything but being weird is just so much more fun!

Slowly but surely, you will learn more but for now, let’s keep things light and simple. This is the official site of me! Be sure to message me with any ideas, questions or whatever you feel like saying! I am somewhat of a internet junkie and so I will try and reply quickly but other than that, I will write soon so, Till Next Time!!

Theme: Believe
Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture -Lydia M. Child

Keeping Things Peppermint


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